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Because we know that every pet situation is different, we will work with you to customize a plan that best fits your needs

Pet Sitting

Included in Each Visit:

•Lots of Love For Your Pet    •Fresh Food and Water    •Dog Walking    •Litter Box Scooping    •Administering Any Meds Your Pet May Require    •Watering Plants    •Rotating Lights    •Bringing in Newspaper and Mail    •Daily Log Detailing Everything We’ve Done Plus Any Information You Might Want to Know About How Your Pet is Doing

  • 30 Min. Visit – $20.00 dog & kitty
  • 60 Min. Visit – $30.00

♦ Rates may vary slightly for appointments outside of our normal business hours (8 am – 8 pm).

Dogs – We Recommend a Minimum of 3 Visits Per Day For Their Comfort and Safety

Cats – We Recommend at Least 1 Visit Per Day


Dog Walkingdog-walking.33184911_std

  • 15 Min. Walk – $15.00
  • 30 Min. Walk – $20.00
  • 60 Min. Walk – $30.00

♦ Rates may vary slightly for appointments outside of our normal business hours (8 am – 8 pm).



Dog Training

Training makes life so much easier for both you and your dog.  Your dog should know basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, leave it, etc.  Teaching your dog to walk properly on a leash will make your walks so much more pleasant for both of you.  Plus, it’ll be fun for the dog to learn a few tricks such as shake, roll over, and spin.  Our training methods involve positive reinforcement.  Desired behaviors are reinforced, while undesired behaviors are ignored, NOT punished.  


  • 30 Min. Session – $20.00
  • 60 Min. Session – $30.00





Dog Park Outings

Learning socialization skills  is very important to the development of young dogs.  Trips to the dog park help them learn to play well with others.  Letting your pups run and romp and burn off lots of excess energy will make them happier and make for a more peaceful evening for you.  Of course, older dogs will enjoy going to the park as well.

  • 30 Min. Trip – $20.00
  • 60 Min. Trip – $30.00


Additional Services

Pet Taxi (Trips To and From the Groomer / Vet, Etc.) – $20.00 per 30 going for car ride

Shopping For Pet Supplies – $20.00 per 30 Min. + Cost of Pet Supplies




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