Client Pet Photos

The Pet Central DFW Family

We are honored to have the following wonderful animals as clients. Which one is our favorite? Obviously we could never choose among them.

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Don’t Paris and Pebbles look nice and cozy on a cold winter’s day? Jake looks forlornly at me as he wonders when I’m going to put down the camera and take him for a walk.

Some people have mentioned that Toby looks more like a stuffed animal than a real dog. Take it from me, he may be as cuddly as a stuffed toy, but he’s all dog. This photo of Marlo was very difficult to get. He does not like to stay still long enough to be in focus. Fortunately, I got him to sit and stay just long enough to snap this.

Mazzy is ridiculously cute and fuzzy. Arthur is a lucky dog. His owners are fostering him and teaching him not to be afraid of people. He’ll be able to observe Mazzy socializing with people, and, hopefully, he’ll learn that not all people are bad.

The kitties, Atticus, Banshee, and Sushi, are good to their siblings that are normally prey: parakeets Fuka and Ferdinand and betta Felipe. The only conflict I’ve seen in this happy family is when Banshee gets annoyed with Atticus for being an attention hog.